Map 1
Demo 1 - Everyone
Map 2
Demo 1 - Defiant
T2K - 191
CD - 25
T2K - 155
CD - 25

Map 3
Demo 1 - Danger Man

T2K - 201
CD - 59

Match Notes - (3/18/99):

We all had a blast with this one. It was -=CD's first real match as a team and I think a learning experience for them. A few of there players along with our own Flagship suffered from extreme ping syndrome and were not able to contribute as much as they wanted but for the most part it was a great night. We were able to work out some strategies and I think with a few more practices we'll have a few maps really worked out.

Notable performances for T2K by Rookie, Defiant and Danger Man.

Ravage-=CD sums up the match:
"With courage and spirit, -=CD fought bravely and got whooped. Whooped!!! Smoked!!! Down right devastated!!! T2K is everything a clan should be; Friendly, funny and DEADLY! What a great bunch of guys and great sportsmen too."