Map 1 Map 2
T2K - 92
SoH - 65
T2K - 76
SoH - 54

Map 3

Map 4
T2K - 46
SoH - 39
T2K - 15
SoH - 75

Match Notes - (5/24/99):

Wow what an entertaining evening. I had my popcorn and beer out.. and watched one of the best matches we've had so far in competition. We all knew that SoH was going to be tough. So much happened.. were to start. Well our HaK private port was down for the night and we weren't able to get a substitute port in time so we were forced to play on the SoH server for all 4 maps. I'll admit it did make the night go a bit faster heh.

T2K choose The Frag Pipe (what a surprise) for the first map. SoH was only able to field 3 players so we played 3 on 3 for the first map. Unclewad, Danger Man and Eratamus took the field and knocked SoH back. Control of the rocket room went back and forth. T2K found out early that the SoH weapon of choice is the Railgun.. blue trails everywhere! Danger put in a real strong performance and lead T2K. Uncle and Eratamus put up strong numbers as well for a very strong first map win.

SoH choose the Lava Tomb for the second map. Demon, Danger Man and Unclewad were all back and forth the whole map vying for the lead. Spacewrangler pitched in strong support and T2K again came out on top by a good margin.

After the second map another SoH dropped out and Demon was left with just 2 players. I offered to continue play with a 2 on 2. Unclewad and Danger Man played Demon and Plutonium in an absolute thriller of a map back at the Frag Pipe.. Uncle flying through the air while Danger favored the upper ring. Demon was rockin with the rail while Plutonium went wild with the hyperblaster and haste combo. In the end Danger and Uncle topped them by 7 frags for a narrow victory.

We headed back to the Lava Tomb for the final map. Eratamus and Spacewrangler went in to battle the very frustrated and eager Demon and Plutonium. I think Danger and Uncle pissed them off because they unleashed. Demon went crazy with the Rocket Strength combo and I'm not sure if he lost the red candy for more than 30 seconds! He took control of the rocket area and never relinquished it. Plutonium pitched in to lock down the rocket area posting a strong 28 frags. Eratamus and Spacewrangler battled tough but Demon and Plutonium proved to be too much for them on this map.

The final point tally: T2K - 3, SoH - 2

T2K - Map 1
T2K - Map 2
T2K - Map 3
SoH - Map 4
SoH - Total Frags

It was a great night all around. SoH showed great attitude the whole night and I think everyone had a good time. We look forward to our next meeting.