Map 1 Map 2
T2K - 217
Y2K - 64
T2K - 179
Y2K- 53

Map 3

Map 4
T2K - 72
Y2K - 88
T2K - 100
Y2K- 64

Match Notes - (5/20/99):

This was our first match in the LIL .. what a wild ride! The format seems to work pretty well although one match can be an all night affair.

T2K selected the first map - The Frag Pipe (hehe). We played the first map on HaK private port and old Danger Man was just plain mean to Y2K.. way to go! He says he was just so hyper he couldn't help himself hehe. He's set a new high for FPH in a match taking that honor away from Methane... watch it Danger your asking for trouble now. Another record was set by Riva in this map.. a perfect performance! He had 46 kills and no deaths for a perfect 100% efficiency rating.. check out the stats page. Way to go man!!

We played The Frag Pipe again on Y2K's server for the second map. Y2K attempted to adopt some of our tactics but Danger and the gang would have none of that. They again showed Y2K that we own The Frag Pipe.

Y2K selected Tokay's Towers as the second map. This one was new for us and it's pretty obvious we still need some work on it. We played the third map on Y2K's server and they took us out with a narrow margin win.

We played the fourth and final map on our HaK private port. Uncle took things in hand and lead us to a strong victory over a very determined Y2K group. Elvis described his performace as awesome.. of course that's what we all expect of Uncle 8-).

Our efforts against Y2K have earned us the #2 spot just behind E6 in the League. Way to go guys! Welcome to official T2K team play Takedown.. nice work.